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Health resorts, Wellness

The Čeladná Rehabilitation Centre in the Beskydy

Visitors to Čeladná can enjoy not only the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also the first polarium in the Czech Republic which is found in close proximity to the largest golf facility in the country. Medicine has known polarium – a total body cold therapy used as treatment – for a long time, but thanks to the latest technological developments, extremely low temperatures can be used for therapeutic effects. One session in a polarium where the temperature is −120 °C (below zero) lasts 3 minutes and triggers a number of positive reactions in the human body that, combined, bring about surprising therapeutic results.

The Odra Hotel Private Health Care Facility – Ostravice

Hotel Odra - Ostravice

The Odra Hotel has undergone a complete renovation and has new deals: the indoor 33°C swimming pool with a counter-current and massage jets, sauna, underwater and classic massages, whirlpool baths for both your upper and lower limbs, paraffin wraps, inhalation, electrotherapy and lymphatic drainage. This private health care facility provides wellness and fitness packages focused on locomotive organs and airways.