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Interesting Natural Phenomena

Meanders of Lučina - Havířov

Natural monument Meanders of Lučina is located on the south-west edge of the town Havířov around the river flow Lučina. The area was declared a natural monument in 1991 and occupies an area of 40.65 hectares. The area is situated at an altitude between 244 and 264 meters above sea level. The Natural monument consists of the river flow Lučina which in this area created natural meanders, onto which wetlands with floodplain vegetation are connected.

Mionší Ancient Woodland – National Nature Reserve

This is the largest area of Carpathian beech and fir forest in the Czech Republic. The Mionší Nature Trail is devised as a 7 km long circuit, which has 10 stops, each fitted with an information board. The aim is to enable visitors to examine at least a part of the legendary Beskydy ‘ancient forest’ while at the same time keeping the forest intact. For this reason the trail is seasonal – it open to the public from June 1st till September 15th. The entry point is located in the village of Dolní Lomná, about 200 m from the bus stop, at the mouth of the Mionší stream. You can leave the car by the bus stop in the car park.

Novodvorský marsh near Fýdek-Místek


Nature reserve Novodvorský marsh is located on the east side of the town Frýdek-Mistek. It was declared a nature reserve area in 2001, it occupies an area of 2.7 hectares and it is at an altitude of 318-322 m. The nature reserve Novodvorský marsh consists of wetland meadows, which on the south-eastern part of the reservation change into forest growth.

Váňův kámen

Natural monument Váňův kámen is located in the area of a former quarry, west of Kopřivnice. The area was declared a natural monument in 1993 on an area of 0.77 hectares. Váňův kámen is at an altitude of 416-447 m. The Natural monument Váňův kámen consists of a rock formation which was created by iceberg of the Jurassic limestone. This stone is one of a small amount of natural rock formations that was not damaged by mining of limestone in the vicinity of the town Štramberk. It is also a popular place for rock climbers.