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Zoo, arboretum, caves

Aqua Terra Mini Zoo – Štramberk

It is the largest freshwater aquarium in Štramberk. There are hundreds of tropical fish in tanks with a capacity of several thousand litres, various species of snakes, lizards and clawed monkeys.

Arboretum Štramberk

This botanical garden and arboretum is located in an old limestone quarry area, called Dolní Kamenárka, and its surroundings. The terrain is very rugged with a significant elevation. The current area of the newly established garden is almost ten hectares, the first plantings took place here in 1999 and it has been under development since. Calciphile and thermophile plant communities of the Štramberk origins constitute a major part of the future exposition of the stone garden.

Cave Šipka - Štramberk


National Natural Monument Šipka is a karstic entity of Štramberk´s karst. In 1988, during archaeological excavation, the lower jaw of a Neanderthal child was found there. The archaeologist Karel Josef Maška, who conducted the research, also found a set of bronze artefacts from the Late Bronze Age in the same year, and discovered the stalactite cave Šipka.

Ondrášovy díry – under the Lysá mountain

Natural Monument Ondrášovy díry represents a cave system in the split hilltop of the forked branch Lukšinec. It is 2 km northwest from the peak of the Lysá mountain (1323 m). It is located at an altitude between 840 and 940 m in the Lysohorská highlands in the central part of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy in the territory of Malenovice and Staré Hamry, PLA Beskydy. The total area is 4.50 hectares.

Tropic Hukvaldy

You can see exotic animals and plants, bonsais, cactuses, carnivorous plants, citrus plants, orchids, residential and outdoor plants there. Visitors can have a tour of the tropical greenhouses on an area of 150 m2 and of the Japanese garden. It is also possible to see a male mountain lion, talking parrots African Grey, Ara, cockatoo, a talking bird Toucan, a small monkey, iguanas, trap-door spiders…