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Swimming in nature and outdoor pools

Reservoir Čerťák Nový Jičín

The reservoir "Čerťák" is beside the main road from Nový Jičín to Kojetín about 3.5 km south from the city. The area around the reservoir is a recreation area of the city Nový Jičín. It is a common place for walks and trips, and in the summer it is a popular recreational spot for city residents and its visitors.

Těrlicko Dam

Vodní nádrž Těrlicko

The Těrlicko Dam serves chiefl y for recreation purposes – there are three public beaches, a tow for water skiing, a dock and a camping site. Fishing and other sports are also possible since the buildings and camps for accommodation are situated on the waterside.

Water reservoir Baška

Vodní nádrž Baška

The water reservoir in Baštice in Baška was built between 1958 and 1961 and one of the purposes of the water project is recreational use. The total flooded area is 33 hectares. Next to the Baška dam is a camp where refreshments can be bought. There is also volleyball, bowling, children's swings, sand pit and, for water sports enthusiasts, there is the possibility of hiring boats and water wheels. The dam is also a popular place for fishing. The dam and camp surroundings offer extensive opportunities for hiking, cycling and motorcycling. Peaks of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy are situated approximately 7 km away.

Water reservoir Olešná

Vodní nádrž Olešná

The water reservoir Olešná is located on the southwestern edge of Frýdek-Místek. The construction of the dam ran between the years 1960-1964 on the river called Olešná. It was built as a water reservoir for industry and as protection against flooding. The recreation area with camping and seasonal restaurants was established later on the banks of the reservoir. The water reservoir is also used for fish farming. Palkovické hůrky are on the southwest side of the dam and in good weather there is a nice view of the Beskydy peaks from the south side of the dam.

Water reservoir Větřkovice

The water reservoir Větřkovice is located in the area of Pobeskydské highlands, it is on the east side of the village Větřkovice to the west of the town Hukvaldy. The water reservoir serves as a natural swimming facility, on its banks there is nicely kept grassy ”beach” and you can also fish there. In the summer boats and water wheelscan be hired. A seasonal restaurant with a children´s playground is near the dam. Not far from the dam there is a car park.

Žermanice Dam

Vodní nádrž Žermanice

The Žermanice Dam is a valley water reservoir built between 1951 and 1958 to supply the industry in Ostrava with operational water. The dam and its surroundings are a favourite place for recreation. The nearby Soběšovice village offers a wide range of sports and recreational facilities including accommodation in two-star and three-star boarding houses or, for example, in the sports-recreational area “Přístav” (harbour).