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Gastronomic specialties


Valašské frgály

The huge Wallachian sweet tarts of delicious taste are known as frgál. They are made with poppy, curd and pears - these ones are the most popular. It is interesting to note that the today´s used name “frgál“ formerly meant the badly-made or burnt cake.


Sausage scalloped in beer dough is a delicious speciality from the Karviná region.

Kyselica soup

One can hardly imagine the Moravian cuisine without soups. Taste the real Kyselica soup, of which main ingredients are sauerkraut, potatoes and bratwurst. The fresh cream is used for soup thickening. At some restaurants for gourmets the soup may be served in a fresh loaf of Czech bread.

Lysá Hora Herbal Liquor

The Lysá Hora Herbal Liquor has a soft, bitter-sweet taste. It has been made since 1856 from natural herbal extracts and a fruit distillate. It has won international awards – the Grand Prix from Paris (1900) and the Golden State Prize from Vienna (1904). The liquor is an ideal gift for tourists as a souvenir reminding them of their stay in the Moravia Silesia Region.

Odra Carp – traditional fish

One of regional brands of Moravské Kravařsko that guarantee the origin of the product and its relationship to a given area is the Odra carp. This traditional fish is sold and processed not only for the Czech market, but also abroad.

Ondráš steak

The dishes made of potatoes are typical for our cuisine. You certainly will not resist a saucy egg-and-potato paste crumb pork cutlet with cheese and ham.



It is a delicious plum brandy. This drink with its characteristic smell is full of energy, with its incomparable contribution to good health and good spirits. It should be drunk with a bit of good homemade bacon or bratwurst with excellent fresh bread.


Potato pancakes griddled on a so-called “blacha“ (“blacha“ is a hotplate, without oil). They are served with cream or cracklings or mixed eggs and bacon according to eater taste.

Stuffed Goose

Plněná husa se zelím a bramborovými knedlíky

It used to be the dish tradionally eaten on special occasions. Cooked with love and served with dumplings and sauerkraut, it will become a concert for your taste buds.

Štramberské uši

Sweet with an interesting legend of cutting of ears during Turkish incursions in the area.