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Brewery Radegast in Nošovice

Pivovar Radegast v Nošovicích

Since 1999, the brewery Radegast has been a part of the largest brewing company in the Czech Republic, Pilsner Urquell Company, Inc. In the brewery Radegast beer has been made since 1970. It is the youngest and the most modern brewery in the Czech Republic.

Microbrewery Frýdek-Mistek

Likérka Kwaczek covers not only the production of alcohol liquor, liqueurs, pure alcohol and spirits, but also the production of beer as well. This is a 12° Celtic beer brand Arthur's, which is sold in barrels of volumes of 15, 30 and 50 litres.

Brewery Avar in Hlučín

In the ancient town Hlučín, near the city Ostrava, beer was brewed as early as the 16th century. The brewery was founded in 1526. In 1904, after nearly four hundred years, brewing stopped in Hlučín. On the ruins of the original brewery the current owners built the new one, and in 1993 they revived the tradition of local brewing. Now there is production of the light lager Avar and dark lager Dérer.

Zámecký Brewery Zábřeh - Ostrava

Beer is brewed here according to the standard procedure – we do not use any extracts or accelerating processes. Only first class ingredients are selected for production - Žatecký hops, "červeňák. The beer has a bitter, but not harsh, taste it smells purely of hops and malt.

Brewery Excelent in Rýmařov

In our brewery we produce an 11% Light lager Excelent, and the 13% Semi-dark special Excelent. The master brewer Mojmír Velký is responsible for the quality of the beer.

City Brewery Štramberk

The tradition of brewing in Štramberk has been restored after 150 years by the City Brewery, at a place where beer was brewed and tapped centuries ago. A light unfiltered lager of pilsner type and a dark unfiltered lager of flekovský type called Trubač are currently brewed there.

Brewery Hukvaldy

It is a small family brewery with an annual production of approximately 300-500 hl of yeast beer. It is not tampered with, so includes all important elements including vitamin B. The beer has a mild fog and unique taste.

Wallachian Brewery Kozlovice

The brewery Kozlovice can be found in the original farm buildings of the old manor. The favourite among consumers is a home yeast unfiltered lager of the pilsner type - light Valašský vojvoda and dark Kozlovický fojt.

Brewery Slezan in Leskovec

It specializes in barley, bottom-fermented beer of the pilsner type. The basic products are light (unfiltered and unpasteurized) yeast lagers with degrees of 11°, 12°, 13° under a unified name Slezan. We also brew special beers such as a honey, a cherry and a plum beer and beers with increased strength.

Ostrava´s microbrewery Biovar

It is built in the basement below the Club Hobbit. Currently it produces seven different kinds of yeast beer, light 10° Hejkal, light 10° Zeus - with a low content of residual sugar, dark 11° Qásek, semi-dark 11° Qásek MED, light 11° Garážmistr, light 12° Qásek and semi-dark 13° Qásek.

Microbrewery u Koníčka in Dobrá

The tavern was opened after extensive renovation in 1999 and in 2006 a brewery was built, which began to brew several types of yeast beer.

Microbrewery Třinec

The microbrewery Třinec is located in the village Karpentná in the picturesque foothills of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. The local brewer produces an excellent Trinecké yeast beer here.

The Ostravar Brewery

Pivovar Ostravar

The first beer in the brewery Ostravar started to be bottled in spring of 1898. The brewery complex was built using the typical red bricks and combined with plastered surfaces. Ostravar produces two types of the same brand of beer – light beer Ostravar Original and light lager Ostravar Premium. In the brewery the famous special beer Velvet is also produced, and the semi-dark football lager Bazal.