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Technical attractions

Historical water mains

About 10 water withdrawal places were built under Uhlířský Hill, of which 4 have been preserved until the present. Water was led down by a wooden water line to an adit, which formed part of the water mains system of Bruntál. Nearby there are several inspection pits and three wells. The collected water was pumped to the water tank under Uhlířský Hill and distributed round the town through the water mains.

Narrow-gauge Railroad - Osoblaha

Úzkokolejná dráha - Osoblaha

This unique narrow-gauge railroad in the Osoblaha region was built during the time of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and was put into operation on 14 December 1898. The narrowgauge railway connects Třemešná ve Slezsku with Osoblaha.

The Kružberk water reservoir

Vodní nádrž Kružberk

The valley reservoir on the Moravice River supplies potable water to the Ostrava region. The project for this dam was processed within the water management plan of our republic in 1930–1932. The reservoir has an area of 287ha and the length of the flooded valley is 10km with the maximum depth of 31m. The 280m long and 33m high dam was built in 1948–1955. At the beginning of the dam there are ruins of the small castles of Medlice and Šternek on both banks.

The Scythe plant in Karlovice

Kosárna v Karlovicích

A unique museum is housed in the wooden building of the scythe plant founded most-likely in the 17th century.