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Interesting Natural Phenomena

Jungle near Osoblaha

The natural preserve is on the east side of the village Slezské Pavlovice. Wetlands in the park are probably the remains of a pond and its bottom is covered with red-grass, reeds and there are alder trees and willows. Vegetation of primeval forest character can be found even today. The greatest oak has a height of 28 m and girth of the trunk is 475 cm. Very rare and protected common crane have been frequently observed there during nesting times. The Central-European bird migration zone leads through this area.

Lava flow near Mezina

Lava flow near Mezina is a natural monument, which can be found near the village Mezina. The Natural monument consists of stone folding in the former quarry. This unusual stone structure was created in the stream of lava from the volcano Venus. The area of the old quarry is partly covered by overgrown trees. In exposed areas there is a clearly visible columnar cleat of mined olivine basalt.

Mořské oko near Karlovice

It is a small lake that was created by partial flooding of the quarry and it is located on the hillside of the peak Milíř (698 m). It rises eastwards in direction from the village Karlovice.

Petrovy kameny - Ovčárna


Petrovy kameny are the peak rock wall on the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, 1.5 km south from Praděd on the forked branch Vysoké hole. Rocks are made up of low-resistant gneiss. Petrovy kameny have been declared a nature reserve which has been incorporated into the National Nature Reserve-Praděd.

Rešov Waterfalls - near Rýmařov


Close to the village of Rešov flows the stream of Huntava, which locally forms a unique stretch of landscape – a 200m long and 6-10m wide gorge with cascading waterfalls, pools, basins and shapes resulting from erosion (giant cauldrons). It is the largest waterfall in the Nízký Jeseník Mountains. Slunce Aquacentre

Staré Hliniště in Krnov

It was declared a natural monument in 1989 as a protected natural monument with an area of 4.39 hectares and an altitude of 332-336 m. It is in Krnov in the former brickwork territory and the adjacent quarry near the road leading to the border crossing with Poland. This location was due to the presence of amphibians included in the network Natura 2000 as a significant European location.

Venus´s Volcano near Bruntál

Venus´s Volcano (643 m above sea level) is a remarkable natural curiosity. It is a hill that rises in the southeast direction above the village Mezina. It is a Quaternary volcano. The volcano peak is covered with reddish-brown slag and volcanic sand. We can also see the direction that lava flowed previously from the volcano, on the north-east side there are two lava flows. At the top of the volcano we can find main dished crater and the side crater with the cave overhang on the east side.