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Tourist Attractions

The Černá louka Exposition Grounds – Ostrava

Výstaviště Černá louka - Ostrava

The six hectare exposition grounds house three exposition halls and a grassy area that provides both its visitors and residents of the city a place to relax. The main exposition hall “A” has an area of 6300m2. Hall C is used for sales and administrative leases. Hall G houses a golf area that is used for practicing golf. Every year, about 95 expositions, conferences, seminars and other cultural and social events are held at the grounds.

The Fairy-Tale Ghost Cellars – Ostrava

Pohádkový sklep strašidel - Ostrava

Presently, these haunted cellars house five scary rooms: a spider room, Hell, a pirate island, a room full of dwarfs and ghosts and a fairy world. You can also see a walled princess or walk into a dragon’s stomach. The tour is equipped with a sound system and other effects to make it feel less like a horror exhibit.

The Fairy-Tale Astronomical Clock in Ostrava

This astronomical clock contains a starry sky, a clock and three moving doors that hide three pairs of fairly tale creatures that appear every even hour in the little windows above the facade of the Puppet Theatre. The King and the Queen, the Devil and the Angel and Death and the Jester parade in front of curious eyes of those walking by.

The Venus of Landek Excavation – Ostrava

Naleziště Landecké Venuše

A hematite female statue was found by head archaeologist Bohuslav Klíma on top of Landek Hill in Ostrava – Petřkovice on 14 July 1953. The Venus of Landek is about 21,000 to 23,000 years old. It is 46mm high. It became known as the Venus of Landek (or the Venus of Petřkovice). It is a unique finding and, unlike most other gravettien female statues, it does not have a noticeably full body (such as the Venus of Věstonice that is more famous), but rather a very thin, almost cubist figure.

DinoPark at Karviná

Dinopark u Karviné

DinoPark is a unique entertainment park for the general public – with the main target group being children aged 5 to 15 years. It displays models of Mesozoic animals at their actual sizes and in their natural habitats as they once lived on Earth many millions of years ago. The models are both static and robotic (moving). All models are equipped with a sound system. The park also includes other attractions, such as a 3D cinema, a paleontological playground for children, a nature trail, etc.

ČEZ Arena – Ostrava

ČEZ Aréna - Ostrava

The former Palace of Culture and Sports, it is today known as ČEZ Arena – a multifunctional hall in Ostrava. It is the home arena of the extra league hockey club HC Vítkovice Steel. The arena is used for many sports, cultural and other events.

Miniuni – the World of Miniatures in Ostrava

Areál Miniuni - svět miniatur Ostrava

Miniuni is mostly an outdoor venue in which you can see 34 models of major international monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and many others. The models are built at a 1:25 scale. There is a system of ponds with a boat model called Stefan Bathory cruising the ponds. The complex is interwoven with railway trails carrying little trains (1:22.5 scale) and the mini “Ostrava – Centre” train station. Children can play at Indian playgrounds. Every year, numerous educational and entertaining programmes are held that are appropriate for both children and their parents.

Stodolní Street

Stodolní ulice - Ostrava

Stodolní Street has become a new phenomenon for Ostrava – there are more than 60 clubs in Stodolní Street and its neighbourhood in the city centre, many of which are open until morning hours. The clubs differ according to their specialisation, some focus on music from the 1960s, some on more modern music styles. Stodolní is a very popular part of Ostrava, live music productions running all days a week.