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The most important events and festivals in the region

The Janáček May International Music Festival

Mezinárodní hudební festival Janáčkův máj

The “Janáček May” International Music Festival is a significant cultural gem. In the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, it is the largest and best known music festival named after Janáček. Leoš Janáček was born in Hukvaldy near Ostrava and died in Ostrava on 12 August 1921. He is buried at the Brno Central Cemetery. The tradition of this music festival held in Ostrava dates back to the second half of the last century. The festival is held every year in late May and early June and since 1976, it has been called Janáček May. This three-week long music festival with guest appearances by leading Czech, European and international interpreters, including excellent chamber and symphonic orchestras, traditionally opens with the notes of Janáček’s Sinfonietta. Festival concerts are held in different cultural venues around Ostrava, as well as in less conventional places such as the compressor room of the Mining Museum, in the courtyard of the Silesia-Ostrava Castle, etc.

The Janáček Hukvaldy International Music Festival

Every year, notes from the “Janáček Hukvaldy” International Music Festival are heard in the beautiful game preserve of Hukvaldy. This magical place, once a cradle and an endless source of inspiration for the musical genius Leoš Janáček, attracts thousands of visitors each year who are again and again carried away by the universal language of music that can bridge eras, stretch across borders and provide insight into understanding and beauty. In addition to seasoned and renowned artists, the festival in Hukvaldy regularly also provides opportunities for young and beginning musicians.

The Colours of Ostrava

Colours of Ostrava

The Colours of Ostrava is a world music festival that is held annually in the Ostrava centre. It was first held in 2002 and the initial venues included Stodolní Street, Černá louka and the Boomerang Club; later it expanded to the Silesia-Ostrava Castle and the Evangelic Church. The Colours of Ostrava was awarded an Anděl (the Czech music award) for the Best Music Event of 2005 and 2006. It was also awarded as the best music event of 2004, 2005 and 2006 in the Akropolis Live Music Awards (in the Concert/Festival of the Year category). The festival has featured many renowned foreign bands and artists.

Ostrava Golden Spike

Zlatá tretra Ostrava

The Golden Spike is an annual athletic event that has been held since 1961 at the Municipal Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice. The only year the races were not held was in 1999 due to an alleged lack of interest by sponsors. A number of world records have been broken at this event. Recently, the races have been included into the prestigious IAAF Super Grand Prix category.

NATO Days – Ostrava

The NATO Days in Ostrava are the largest air, army and security event in Central Europe. Its aim is to display to the general public the wide range of security resources and capabilities the Czech Republic and its allies have. The event also includes debates, film screenings and presentations of military and rescue equipment, all culminating with an exhibition at the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport.

Kravařský Odpust – the Largest Moravian Pilgrimage

Kravařský Odpust - největší pouť na Moravě

This is the largest pilgrimage and fair in Moravia with more than a one hundred year tradition of celebrating “Odpust” (forgiveness). “Kravařský Odpust” is celebrated every year from Friday to Monday, over an extended weekend around 24 August that is closest to the day of the Patron Saint of the Church in Kravaře, St Bartholomew.