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Mining Museum in Landek Park

Hornické muzeum OKD Landek - Ostrava

The largest museum of mining in the Czech Republic offers an informative experience, as well as relaxation and entertainment.

Technical Museum in Petřvald

Technické muzeum v Petřvaldě

Permanent expositions of this branch of the Těšín Region Museum situated in the historical building of the former rectory deal with the Magic World of Trams (timetables, tickets, photographs, a functional model of a tram carriage) and the Tradition of Mining in the Karviná Region which familiarises visitors with the influence of mining on the nature of the landscape, the character and manner of livelihood of the people, the settlement structure or the environment.

The Chotěbuz-Podobora Archological Park

Archeopark Chotěbuz-Podobora

One of the most valuable and the most interesting locations in the territory of Těšín Silesia is a bi-cultural elevated fortification in Chotěbuz-Podobora.

The Scythe plant in Karlovice

Kosárna v Karlovicích

A unique museum is housed in the wooden building of the scythe plant founded most-likely in the 17th century.

The Tatra Kopřivnice Technical museum

Technické muzeum Tatra Kopřivnice

The unique Technical Museum in Kopřivnice covers nearly a hundred and fifty-year-old history of the Tatra car factory since the time, when in 1897 the first car called Präsident was manufactured in Austria-Hungary.

The Wagon Museum in Studénka

Vagonářské muzeum ve Studénce

The exposition situated in the chateau maps the origination and development of our railways, the means of transport until the end of the 19th century with small movable dummy trains. It describes in detail the history of the development of production in Vagónka Studénka (a wagon factory) from 1900 until the present. The Wagon Museum is a unique European museum due to the processing of historical materials.

U6 - Little World of Technology

In the complex of the Vítkovice mining district, in the former “U6” energy exchange station, you can find the Little World of Technology – an interactive museum in the style of the science fiction books of Jules Verne, for children and adults alike. The interactive exhibition reveals the development of technological inventions, from the steam engine to super-smart computers. You are strictly commanded to touch all the exhibits!