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Technical attractions

Weisshuhn's Channnel

Weisshuhnův kanál

In the past the channel served as a paper-making race and it is still in service. It was built at the turn of the 20th century on the initiative of Carl Weisshuhn, a businessman, for the operation of the factory and the paper-making plant in Žimrovice.

Wind mill in Hlavnice

Větrný mlýn v Hlavnici

The wooden wind mill of the column or ram type was built in 1810. It is still well-preserved. In 1974 it got new blades and was re-roofed but the inside milling equipment was not repaired. There is a possibility of interesting accommodation for anybody who has a positive relationship with nature; you can sleep in the main building, which is heated by a stove or a historical oven and in storied historical cabins.

Wind mill in Chotice

Větrný mlýn v Cholticích

The listed mill of the German type from 1833 is situated in the north of Litultovice in the town section Choltice, where it was transported from nearby Sádek.