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Castles, chateaux and ruins

Šilheřovice Chateau

Zámek Šilheřovice

At the beginning of the 19th century in the location of a former fortress, the Eichendorff family built a classical chateau, which was later converted to a baroque-revival style. In the park by the small lake there is a hunting manor with original pens for hunting dogs and a good restaurant. In the vast landscaped park with rare wooded plants there is one of the largest golf courses in the Czech Republic. The chateau is also used for various social events.

Kunín Chateau

Zámek Kunín

Kunín Chateau is among the most precious baroque chateaux in Moravia. A renaissance fortress, rebuilt into a baroque chateau of the Harrach family according to the project of J.L. Hildebrandt, was originally in its location. It reached its greatest heyday at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries during the reign of the countess Marie Walburg Harrach, who built there one of the most modern educational institutes in Central Europe at that time. Its best-known student was the “Father of the Nation“ and great Czech historian František Palacký.

Slezskoostravský Castle

Slezskoostravský hrad

The castle was built in the second half of the 13th century by the Opole and Těšín princes from the Piastovec dynasty as a border fortress the Czech state (the Ostravice River was a border river). It was a three- -storey building with a system of fortifications. In the 1540s the castle was converted into a renaissance chateau. In 1872 it burnt down but was reconstructed. The main cause of further deterioration was the mining of coal beds directly under the castle. The building slumped by 16 metres (this subsidence is unique in the Czech Republic) and was abandoned. In addition to the castle exhibition, a number of cultural and social events take place in its surroundings.