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Memorials and memorial plaques

The Memorial to Czechoslovak Tank Men in Slezská Ostrava

Tank No. 051, a T-34/85, was the first to cross the bridge over the Ostravice River on 30 April 1945 when Ostrava was liberated. It has been placed opposite Sýkora’s Bridge in Slezská Ostrava. Today, it is a memorial to the first Czechoslovak Independent Tank Brigade in the USSR.

The Zborov Memorial to the First and Second Exile Resistance Movements Abroad

This original memorial from 1927 is dedicated to the battle of Zborov in 1917. During the Second World War, it was damaged by the Nazis and was again unveiled in 1947. It also includes memorial plaques containing earth from First and Second World War battlefields.

The Red Army Memorial in J.A.Komenský Park

The memorial houses 668 urns with ashes of Soviet soldiers and Czech citizens who fell during the liberation of Ostrava in 1945. One of the urns contains the ashes of Czechoslovak tank man Štěpán Vajda, a USSR hero. The memorial was unveiled on the first anniversary of Ostrava’s liberation in 1946. Since 1978, it has been a national cultural monument.