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Technical attractions

Landek Park

Hornické muzeum OKD

The largest museum of mining in the Czech Republic offers an informative experience, as well as relaxation and entertainment.

Michal Mine

Důl Michal

The history of Michal Mine stretches back to 1843, when the Austrian Empire started to place two shafts in Michálkovice at Ostrava. One of them was the so-called Michálkovice shaft No 3 renamed Michal after the deceased c.k. court councillor Michael Laier. It is a particularly valuable authentic industrial area as to the building and technical aspects. The reconstruction completed in 1915, carried out according to the design of the eminent architect František Fiala, had a fundamental influence on the shape of the mine.

Observatory and planetarium of Johann Palisa

Hvězdárna a planetárium J. Palisy

This building from 1980 has the third largest planetarium hall with a diameter of 12.5m and the second biggest projector in the Czech Republic. Stars, planets, comets and other cosmic objects are projected on the artificial sky in the hall for 100 visitors.

Shaft Tower of the Jindřich Mine

Těžební věž dolu Jindřich

The shaft tower stands in the location of the original mine from 1846. The shaft tower and shaft building were built from fairfaced brickwork in 1913. In the neighbourhood there is a hotel-type house called Jindřich (Henry).

The Alexander Mine

The deep black coal mine ended its activity in 1992; the 945m deep mining pit was filled in 1993 and the 775m deep return air shaft in 1994. The mine does not offer tours but you can see the stately above-ground structures – 2 mining towers, which have been declared cultural monuments, an old octagonal chimney, a boiler house and several other buildings.

The Lower Area of VÍTKOVICE

Areál Dolních Vítkovic

The mine, furnaces and coking plant together form the complex also known as the “Castle District of Ostrava”, offering you amongst other features a unique view of Ostrava and the surrounding area from the blast furnace, from a height of almost 70 m!

The Ostravar Brewery

Pivovar Ostravar

The first beer in the brewery Ostravar started to be bottled in spring of 1898. The brewery complex was built using the typical red bricks and combined with plastered surfaces. Ostravar produces two types of the same brand of beer – light beer Ostravar Original and light lager Ostravar Premium. In the brewery the famous special beer Velvet is also produced, and the semi-dark football lager Bazal.

Vrbice windy pit

The Vrbice Windy Pit was built in 1911 by Ferdinand Northern Railways and its representative face is oriented to the Ostrava – Bohumín Railroad, the former Ferdinand Northern Railways. An electric mining machine of AEG Union from 1916 is preserved in the machine plant. As far as its construction is concerned, it is one of the most remarkable mines of the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield and it has applied for its listing in the UNESCO World Heritage. Due to its interesting architectural character, the location is protected by the state as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. At present OKD, DPB Paskov operates a degasifying station for exhausting mine gasses from underground at the Vrbice Mine.