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Aqua-parks and swimming pools

Bohumín Aquacentrum

The aquacentrum in Bohumín is part of the Bospor Sports Centre. There is a swimming pool, and a relaxing pool connected with the outdoor swimming pool via a water-way, and a 40-metre long toboggan. Children can play in a paddling pool while you enjoy a massage and relaxation in a whirlpool. Moreover, there is a sauna, refreshment, a fi tness centre, a solar studio and massage.

Indoor pool Sareza - Ostrava-Poruba

Besides a 50-meter pool for fitness swimming there is also a children's pool. Visitors can go on a slide or diving boards. In the outdoor complex you can find a swimming pool and paddling pool with heated water for the youngest visitors, plenty of grassy areas for sunbathing and two beach volleyball courts are also very popular.

Water Resort South - Ostrava-Zábřeh

It is a water complex with slides, water slides, whirlpools, as well as restaurants, pergolas and other attractions. Sports part of the facility includes a classic 50-meter swimming pool with 6 swimming lanes and starter blocks, and there is a recreational dais along the perimeter and curved wall which includes water and air massage benches.

Water World "Čapkárna" Ostrava

The place is located in the city centre and connects to the leisure zone Komenského sady. It is immediately adjacent to the practice tennis courts and educational facilities Čapkova sokol house. This is the reason why the place is called by a historically known name - "Čapkárna. Visitors can visit 25-meter long indoor pool with a water temperature of 28 ° C and air temperature 30 ° C, they can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool divided into swimming and relaxation parts. Water attractions built are: air massage beds, massage benches, water spouts with an island, climbing net, water swing, massage wall, small climbing wall, slide and paddling pool. There is also a modernized operation of hydrotherapy and relaxation, wellness operation with a wide range of services - classic steam, aroma steam, salt steam, tepidarium (heated beds), Kneipp walkway, sun relaxation, water relaxation and relaxation massages. There is also a solarium and a brand new water cave. There is a small river, massage beds and a place with water music. The area is also complemented by a popular outdoor and indoor 100 m long water slide.

Wellness centre Ještěrka - Ostrava-Bartovice

The main pool of the sports centre has dimensions 25x12,5 m, it has five swimming lanes, air benches, wall water massage and water spout.