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Pilgrimage places

St. Joseph Church at the Capuchin Monastery in Fulnek

The Capuchin Monastery was founded by Jan Bruntálský from Vrbno in 1668. It is located on a hill across from a castle and together with the castle it is the dominating feature of the town.

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows – Krnov

The tradition of pilgrimages to Cvilín Hill and the Pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is more than 400 years old and has survived to the present day. Legend has it since the Middle Ages that a painting depicting Our Lady of Sorrows, placed behind the main altar, has healing powers. This pilgrimage place is an important spiritual centre for all of Silesia.

“Lourdes” in Myslík – Palkovice

It is found above the village of Myslík (the neighbourhood of Palkovice). It is a rock chapel resembling Lourdes. A little bell tower on the top of Mankova rock was built in 1948. Annual services are held in May.

Virgin Mary in the Rock – Spálov

The spring spouting directly from the rock is associated with the Virgin Mary legend that says she saved a Swedish soldier from death from thirst. Free admission. The Pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary Rock is held here every September.

The Pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Good Help – Uhlířský Vrch

The church was built on the site of a former chapel between 1756 and 1765. There is a four-line lime tree alley dating back to 1770. Pilgrims are accompanied by a new Way of the Cross on their journey to the church.

Basilica minor of the visitation of our lady in Frýdek-Místek

Poutní bazilika Navštívení Panny Marie - Frýdek-Místek

Frýdek, or “Silesian Lourdes”, has been an important place of pilgrimage since the 17th century The monumental basilica towers over the city, forming its natural dominant feature Pope John Paul II raised its status to a Basilica Minor in 1999 Its crypt holds mummies and bones of dozens of people – monks and domain owners

The leaning church of St Peter of Alcantara in Karviná

Kostel Sv. Petra z Alkantary - Karviná

The church of St Peter of Alcantara, often simply called the ‘leaning church’, is situated on the outskirts of Karviná. Despite a history of movement, which has seen the subsoil collapse by several tens of metres over a relatively short period, and which has left the church with a pronounced lean, it is still standing and provides the region with a unique attraction.