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The Fortification near Milotice nad Opavou

On the southern slope of the Milotice nad Opavou railway station are three 37-type bunkers, a B1-80-type bunker, an A-120-type bunker and an A-160-type bunker, reconstructed into their 1945 form.

The Smolkov Fortress near Háj ve Slezsku

Only four buildings are accessible in the Smolkov Fortress; the rest are closed to the public. The compound is currently used by the Czech Army. It includes a nature trail that starts near the Háj ve Slezsku railway station. During the Second World War, it was seriously damaged by the German army. The first Czechoslovak fortress included five buildings – an infantry log cabin, an artillery log cabin, an unfinished revolving and telescopic artillery tower, an artillery observation post and an entryway.

Infantry Garrison OP-S 10

Pěchotní srub OP-S 10 "Křižovatka"

The two-storey fort was built in 1937 as part of the permanent Czechoslovakian fortification along the northern border with Germany at that time. The left side was destroyed during battles in April 1945, the right side has been restored and there is a small exposition.

MO S-5 Fort “Na Trati” At Bohumín

Pevnost MO S-5 'Na Trati' u Bohumína

The unique two-storey fort consists of two parts connected by a tunnel under the embankment of the original railway, these days a road. It was armed with two model 36 canons, four heavy model 37 machine guns, a light and a heavy machine gun in the bells and three light machine guns in auxiliary slits. The major part of the interior equipment was disassembled after the Munich conference and the consequent Polish occupation. The fort was used as an ammunition warehouse during the war and in the remaining years it was flooded up to the height of 1m of the outer end storey. The garrison house is maintained by KVH Bohumín.

The Memorial of the army of the Czech Republic and the Czechoslovak fortification in Opava-Milostovice

ČR a ČS. opevnění Opava-Milostovice

An interesting set of three forts and two small garrisons from the 30s of the 20th century. They are extraordinarily preserved buildings and the whole premises rank among the best fortification museums in the Czech Republic. The fortification reminds us of the excellent level of our technicians, designers and constructors and the commitment of soldiers to defend the motherland against the aggression of the Nazi Germany. The interior of the OP-S 25 fort is similar to its state in 1938. Fighting performances are annually held in the premises.

The Premises of the Czechoslovak fortification in Hlučín - Darkovičky

This important military-technical monument is a highly valued example in Europe of the system of permanent fortification of the Czechoslovak Republic which was established in 1935–1938.