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Technical attractions

The Bernartice nad Odrou Forest Mill

Lesní mlýn Bernartice nad Odrou

This significant technological monument has complete mill equipment, including a mill wheel. It is one of the few well preserved water mills on the Odra River. It is valued for the integrity and uniformity of its grinding equipment and the original structures. It is a protected monument.

The Wagon Museum in Studénka

Vagonářské muzeum ve Studénce

The exposition situated in the chateau maps the origination and development of our railways, the means of transport until the end of the 19th century with small movable dummy trains. It describes in detail the history of the development of production in Vagónka Studénka (a wagon factory) from 1900 until the present. The Wagon Museum is a unique European museum due to the processing of historical materials.

The Water Mill in Bartošovice

Vodní mlýn v Bartošovicích

This water mill site with a system of water management structures was gradually built from the end of the 15th until the 20th century. The structures are covered with saddle-back roofs that date back to the second half and end of the 19th century. Mlýnice, including the adjacent turbine and generator room, have been preserved in their original state. A wooden weir is built on the Odra.

The Water Mill in Skotnice

Vodní mlýn ve Skotnici

This water mill comes from the second half of the 19th century. What makes it unique is the well preserved and operable equipment dating back to the 1930s. The water mill is located in the village centre, on the Lubina River raceway.

The Wind Mill in Bravinné

This German windmill is the last of many mills that used to be found near Bílovec. The structure has been completely preserved and has retained most of its internal grinding equipment. The wind wheel is 16 m in diameter. What makes the structure interesting are its two runs powered by two wooden shafts with wheels of two different diameters.