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On ropes

The Rope Park at Davidův mlýn – Kružberk

Lanový park Davidův mlýn - Kružberk

From the smallest children to the brave ones who wish to try a free fall from a 12-metre high tower, this facility has something to offer for the entire family. It also includes a fish restaurant called “Rybářská bašta” where you can taste excellent fresh trout. If you are interested in trying out your hand at catching a fish, you are welcome.

Rabštejn at Bedřichov

Practice rocks Rabštejn are located at the southeast end of the offshoots of the ridge, which is in the extension of the main ridge Hrubý Jeseník. They are located in CHKOJ. Camping is permitted on the upper edge of the meadow below the cliffs, along the edge of the forest. Because of the popularity of the area we emphasize the principle of maintaining cleanliness in the camp site! From the geological point of view the rock material is Amphibolic slate. The rock is solid, richly structured. Practice rocks consist of two groups. Front Rocks - reach a height of 15-20 meters, back rocks, where a castle used to be, reach up to 35 meters.

Smolný vrch – Venušiny misky in Jeseník

Granite rock formations reach a height of approx. 10 meters and most of them are well hidden in a dense deciduous forest. Only the major rock section can be seen and there is a tourist viewing point. Rocks are equipped with new anchors and ascender circles. It is estimated that there are about 10 routes, and certainly a large number of boulder challenges to be solved. The material is hard and sometimes known as light Silesian granite. At first glance it may resemble sandstone.

Malý Rabštejn at Domašov

In the valley of the river Bystřice on the boundary between Nízký Jeseník and Oderské hills marginal rock rises about 40 m high (to distinguish it from Rabštejn at Bedřichov it is called Malý Rabštejn by climbers).

Rocks at Branné

The rock area Branná is not necessarily among the most popular places in this region, but if you like a smaller number of people and you do not mind a bit of wilderness, then you will surely enjoy it.

Štramberk – Arboretum

Štramberk town is best known for the local "Trúba", which is an oval tower that dominates over a wide area. These days not many people know that in the immediate vicinity of the town you can find limestone worth climbing, secured up to 30-meter-high walls. Well secured routes in many different levels will satisfy both beginners and experienced climbers. Geological origin of the material here is the same as in the Pálava hills. Climbing is not in any way limited, but you need to keep to the safety guidelines of the quarry. You can walk only along designated paths.



Practice slate rocks are a great attraction for mountaineers from miles around. Routes at a level of difficulty III - VII have recently been secured. The material is hard and you will find many nicely prepared routes which are up to 50 m high. Parking is available directly under the rocks or near the guest house Velké sedlo.

Godula – Komorní Lhotka

Godula is a quite frequently visited climbing area. During nice weather it is possible to meet climbers there on weekdays as well. This place presents good opportunities for climbing and hiking in the beautiful region of the Moravian Silesian Beskydy Mountains and provides a good opportunity to practice on 20-meter-high, secured walls.

Climbing Wall of Gymnasium Orlová

The climbing wall has 10 routes of various levels.
Masarykova třída. 1313, 735 14 Orlová-Lutyně

Mountain Rope Park Tarzanie - Trojanovice Ráztoka

Horský lanový park Tarzanie

Rope Centre offers several routes of varying difficulty at a length of over 1000 meters. Long rope ways above the river, vertical obstacles, jumps, ladders, nets, webs, bridges and other obstacles are suspended from trees at a height of 4-12 meters above ground and are ingeniously arranged so as to combine tasks with varying degrees of difficulty, making it technically challenging as well as enjoyable.

Rope Centre - Javorový vrch near Třinec

Javorový vrch u Třince

Highest rope centre in the Beskydy moutains

Eliass Climbing Centre - Ostrava

Thirteen-metre climbing wall

CDU SPORT Ostrava – climbing wall

Ten-metre climbing wall

Climbing center Proud - Karlov pod Pradědem

Lanové centrum - Karlov

Climbing with a secure ferrate set

Rock climbing course under the supervision of an instructor

Kurz skalního lezení

Štramberk, Čertovy skály, Lačnovské skály

Alpine rope centre Monkey House - Ostravice

lanové centrum Opičárna

Ostravice – Sepetné Valley