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Tesin Silesia

Mapa oblasti Těšínské Slezsko Leaning church of st. Peter of Alcantara in Karviná|Baroque church called 'Czech Pisa'. The undermining caused the sinking beneath its original level and it has tilted 6.8 degrees. Kotul′s log Cottage|This log cottage with barn, pigsty, cellar and vegetable garden from 1781 reminiscent of how the original buildings of today’s city looked. The Chotěbuz-Podobora Archological Park|The archeological site features discovery of a settlement from the Early Iron Age. Lime kilns in Vendryně|Limestone was fired in kilns called 'wopienky' – lime kilns. Lime kilns in Vendryně|Limestone was fired in kilns called 'wopienky' – lime kilns. Lookout tower Velká Čantoryje|This mountain shrouded in legend on the Czech-Polish border stands with the steel lookout tower. Dolní Lomná Ethnographical area|Ethnographical  area with amphitheater  in the 'Gorol' area in Těšín region.

Tesin Silesia lies in the border area of the north-east part of North Moravia and Silesia. The most attractive part here is the Tesin Beskydy Mountains which are a popular trip destination. You can get the impression here that you have come to another world. The colours of the wooden buildings, the preservation of traditional craft production, folk customs and habits make you forget where the border between the past and the present is. The spa welcomes all who are looking for relaxation or curative treatment. Without any doubt, all your worries will be forgotten there.